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Frequently Asked Questions

What/how do private investigators charge?

Private Investigators usually charge by the hour. Hourly rates can vary based on the type of investigation needed as well as how many investigators will be needed. Some investigators also charge for travel time and/or mileage.


What can private investigators do that I cannot?

Private Investigators are able to access a number of information databases that are not available to the general public. More importantly, investigators have the training and experience necessary to relate database information to the case at hand. Investigators have thousands of hours of experience working on investigations. For example, you could sit in a vehicle and take pictures and drive behind someone, but when you get caught or confronted by the police you can get injured or into serious trouble. Having a professional licensed investigator report admitted into court or having them testify on your behalf carries a lot more weight than evidence you collected yourself.

I have already been to the police can I still use a private investigator?

Yes, regardless, you can hire a private investigator. Private investigators often work in alongside the police and conduct their own interviews and evidence collection.


How do investigators follow people without getting caught?

Private investigators use their experience to avoid being noticed. A skilled investigator will have experience in these situations so they are able to anticipate events and take the appropriate steps. An experienced investigator is aware that they are not invisible and is on the lookout for signs that they have been noticed. If this happens, the investigator will fall back and allow a greater distance between the target and the investigator, or suspend surveillance if they believe continued efforts would reveal the investigation.

What happens if an investigator gets caught?

In general, an investigator will deny everything and will never discuss what they are doing or say who hired them. They will stick to a cover story that gives a plausible reason for why they are in the area and will take every possible step to prevent any actions from being taken that will compromise the discretion of the investigation. If the investigator is questioned by an individual with police powers, they are only required to identify themselves to the police, and they do not have to disclose any other information.


Are there different types of private investigators?

Private Investigators may specialize in a certain part of the field and may have additional certifications and experiences.



What are the licensing requirements to become a private investigator?

All states require several years of experience either in law enforcement or working under a licensed private investigator prior to obtaining their own license. Massachusetts requires 3 years of experience. Additionally, the person must have no felony convictions or pending charges. Certain misdemeanors will also disqualify an individual from working as a private investigator.


What can private investigators NOT do?


Private investigators must obey the same basic laws as ordinary citizens. They cannot:

-        Pose as law enforcement officers or clergy

-        Perform wiretapping

-        Obtain cell phone records or bank records via pre-texting


-        Trespass


Do Private Investigators have access to government records?

Investigators have access to many public and private databases. Some of these databases allow access to government information including Motor Vehicle Information, property records, etc.



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